If you can dream it, we can build it.

Our full-service fabrication shop offers MACHINING, WELDING, DESIGN and more.


At Hornet Products, we can take rough cut parts and finish them to almost any specification utilizing our multiple lathes, mills, presses, and finishing machines. You can expect highly-accurate finished parts, ready to ship to your customers.

In addition to our machining services, we offer a full line of cutting processes to help you outsource some of the heavy lifting from your shop.

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Hornet Products has a full-service welding department dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards to supply your business with consistent results. With our innovative welding equipment and skilled welding team, we can meet your project specifications and demands

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If you have a need, we can design a solution. At Hornet Products, we provide front-end design services to meet your business goals. Our in-house engineers can take your idea and develop the concept just the way you imagined. From a simple sketch on a napkin to a finished product, we’re ready to collaborate and bring your project to life.

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